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            Welcome to visit our website!

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            Address:Dunhua City, Jilin Province Economic Development Zone
            Kohei 6th Avenue



             Micro-channel public number


            Sale Contract

            Demastic Sale Contract Sample (Download)

            International Sale Contract Sample (Download)

            Proxy Registration Forms

            Demastic Proxy Contract Sample Fillable Form (Download)

            International Proxy Contract Sample Fillable Form (Download)

            Products Scheduled and Precautions

            1、Order--Purchase more than 1000 cubic meters,please order a minimum of 20 days in advance in summer, 30 days in advance in winter in order to arrange      

                 production plan to ensure the stability of product quality and moisture. Time-tight schedule, the earliest one week in advance

            2、Bulk Purchase-Purchases of more than 3000 cubic meters will be regularly shipped by month. 

            3、Moisture rate of all products, average of 45% in winter, the lowest 40%; average of 45% in summer, the lowest 35% (mechanical drying). 

            4、Product samples and information requested, please contact the head office or branch in Canada. We will send by fax or EMI EMS. Samples can only provide a   

                 small amount, the excess surcharge。 

            5、Different wind resistance capabilities according to different bagging, please note the instructions of the Company. We are not responsible for damage or loss 

                 caused by improper care. 

            6、The company's peat products are raw materials and proposed for professional use, please do not directly use on the plants (crops). It must be used in order to 

                 mix with other materials. The Company shall not be responsible for the loss caused by misuse.

            7、 Nursery nutrition block warranty period ends when planting seedlings. The company is not responsible for any loss caused by seed quality problems or 

                  problems due to planting delays. 

            8、 Peat dust may cause pollution. When handling and use, peat powder can easily enter the eyes, mouth, nose, etc.without necessary protection, and may cause 

                  harm to humans. Note that you are required to do protection when conduct. The Company shall not be responsible for thus adverse consequences.


            1、Export Order:

            Agent clearance certification, original production proof documents, product inspection and quarantine, customs inspection, and other full-service scheduled timetable. 

            Domestic "one-stop" service delivery; 

            Our company has heavy goods vehicles, so peat can be directly transported in large quantities to the customer's factory or construction site. Allows you to save your trouble in moving, tranport and the waste of money and time. 

            2、Online Sale Service:

            For sporadic customers, we can offer online sales, sending small quantities of goods through the logistics system to meet different customer needs and requirement.

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            咨詢電話:0433-6241344 ,04336346777  手機:13944727911.13944375689 聯系QQ:36272964
            地址:吉林省敦化市經濟開發區康平大街6號  郵政編碼:133700  郵箱:CLA4198@VIP.163.COM

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